NetEase Unveils a New Urban Open-World RPG Dubbed the 'Anime GTA'

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NetEase Unveils a New Urban Open-World RPG Dubbed the 'Anime GTA'

Publisher NetEase Games and its subsidiary developer Naked Rain have made an exciting announcement with the unveiling of Project Mugen, a highly anticipated "urban open-world RPG" that has already been described by some as an "anime GTA." The game is set to launch on multiple platforms including PlayStation 5, PC, iOS, Android, and cloud gaming services.

With the official release date not yet confirmed, pre-registration for the game is available here. Project Mugen is generating a significant buzz within the gaming community, developed by Naked Rain, a studio under NetEase Games' Chinese-based Thunder Fire team, the game is positioning itself to carve a unique niche in the open-world genre.

Project Mugen is being described as an open world gacha game, and the glimpses of gameplay showcased so far have sparked intrigue. The teaser website boasts an ambient soundtrack that sets the mood for the urban landscapes players will explore. The teaser clips on YouTube give a tantalizing taste of what's to come, featuring snippets of character interactions such as waiting for a train and engaging in a thrilling car chase. Fans are already drawing comparisons to other successful titles like Genshin Impact, but the game's setting and character-driven action combat indicate more similarities to the unreleased Zenless Zone Zero.


As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Project Mugen aims to capitalize on the fascination with gacha mechanics, following in the footsteps of trailblazers like Genshin Impact. However, with its city-focused environment and dynamic combat system, the game evokes a sense of excitement reminiscent of Zenless Zone Zero.

The teaser countdown on the official website heightens the anticipation for Gamescom, where players and enthusiasts alike are eager to learn how Project Mugen will distinguish itself from the existing array of gacha games.

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