Minecraft has sold 300 million copies since its initial public release

by Danny Craig  · 
Minecraft has sold 300 million copies since its initial public release

Mojang has revealed that the iconic sandbox title has sold 300 million copies worldwide since its first public version nearly 15 years ago.

The details:

  • Mojang revealed during Minecraft Live 2023 (formerly MineCon) that the best-selling game of all time is now outselling runner-up Grand Theft Auto V by more than 100 million units, having sold 300 million copies across all platforms. “As we approach the 15th anniversary, Minecraft remains one of the best-selling games of all time, with over 300 million copies sold, a milestone no one could have dreamed of when we were all placing our first blocks,” said Head of Mojang Studios Helen Chiang.
  • Minecraft's popularity stems from its ease of use, accessibility, and creative potential. Since its initial PC release in 2009, Minecraft has been made available in some form on almost all major devices, with the original mobile and console versions releasing in the early 2010s and the Microsoft-era "Bedrock Edition," which allows PC, mobile, and console players to all play on the same version with no further restrictions.
  • Despite the game's success, some players are dissatisfied with Mojang's current update release schedule. The results of Minecraft's yearly mob vote were also announced at the event, with the armadillo mob defeating the crab and penguin. This prompted fans to sign a petition calling for the end of the vote, branding the developer "lazy" for releasing little content each year instead of including all three mobs and more content in each update.

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