Leaked image from Suicide Squad game confirms battle pass

by Danny Craig  · 
Leaked image from Suicide Squad game confirms battle pass
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A recently leaked screenshot of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League appears to confirm that the game will feature live service systems, including a battle pass that will be "focused on cosmetics."

The details:

  • On January 17, an in-game screenshot of the menu for the upcoming co-op Suicide Squad game was posted to 4chan, giving players some insight as to what to expect out of the title’s content. The leak was confirmed to be real by a source close to VideoGamesChronicle (VGC), who claimed that the battle pass will be "focused on cosmetics such as skins."
  • Another thing that caught the eye of fans was what appeared to be currencies at the top of the menu. Of course, this alongside an option for a store set off alarm bells for those who hate microtransactions, but the source also clarified that none of these were premium currencies. Instead, the currencies are XP counters for each playable antihero. Speaking with VGC, the source stated that players won’t start off "debuffed and weak," but instead the system will be similar to that of Gotham Knights, with characters eventually becoming "ridiculous."
  • The leak also gives us a look at the in-game models for the four playable characters. Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, King Shark, and Deadshot all make an appearance in the shooter with the goal of eliminating the members of DC’s superhero group, the Justice League. The game will be entirely playable in solo or co-op mode for up to four players in an open-world environment. After multiple delays, the game was finally given a release date of May 26, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One X/S.

In other DC gaming news:

  • Back in November, we spotted a new concept artist job listing by WB Games Montreal on its careers site just a month after the rocky launch of Gotham Knights. While we still don’t know what the project is, we do know that it’s in the early stages of development and that Warner Bros. Discovery is looking to use DC characters in its future projects.
  • Wonder Woman is getting a game with Monolith Productions, the studio behind Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Shadow of Mordor, at the helm of the project. The title will be a single-player open-world action game like their previous titles and use the nemesis system found in the Middle-Earth series. Although we lack information about the game as a whole, we do know that the story will be entirely original within the DC universe.
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