Konami unveils five new Silent Hill projects

by Adam Fitch  · 
Konami unveils five new Silent Hill projects
Screenshot: Konami

Japanese game publisher Konami has announced a slew of new projects based on its horror franchise Silent Hill.

The announcements: Fans had been eagerly awaiting news on the franchise.

  • Konami unveiled the new projects during a presentation on October 19.
  • Among the announcements were projects outside of standard video games, further cementing the Silent Hill franchise in the wider entertainment space.
  • The franchise had grown stagnant over the last decade with the last game, Silent Hill: Downpour, being released in 2012.

The projects: Another movie adaptation is on the way.

  • Silent Hill 2 remake: Perhaps the most notable announcement of the presentation, Bloober Team is developing a remake of the 2001 title for PC and PlayStation 5.
  • Silent Hill: Townfall: A spin-off title developed in collaboration with indie developer No Code Studios and publisher Annapurna Interactive.
  • Silent Hill F: Another spin-off title that's being put together by Hong Kong-based indie studio Neobards Entertainment based on a story penned by visual novel writer Ryūkishi07.
  • Silent Hill Ascension: An "interactive streaming series" where the audience gets to decide where the story goes. It's being made by Bad Robot Games, Behaviour Interactive, Genvid Entertainment, and dj2 Entertainment.
  • Return to Silent Hill: A movie adaptation of the popular horror series that will be directed by Christopher Gans. No significant details about the film were revealed during the presentation.
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