Is this the Future of Animation in Unreal Engine?

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Is this the Future of Animation in Unreal Engine?
Kelechi Apakama

Motion Matching, an animation algorithm in Unreal Engine, has undergone significant improvements in the latest version, Unreal Engine 5.3. These enhancements refine how the engine predicts character movements based on user input, resulting in a substantial streamlining of the animation process.

What is Motion Matching?

Rather than manually defining every animation state and transition within a sequence, Motion Matching employs an algorithm that anticipates the future path of the animated character. Subsequently, the software aligns the appropriate animation with the user's input for movement. Kelechi Apakama, the lead developer of Stormrite, showcased these enhancements in a recent Twitter video, making Unreal Engine 5.3 a more versatile tool for developers across industries.

In this latest Unreal Engine release, version 5.3, the improvements extend beyond Motion Matching. The update includes enhancements to core rendering, developer iteration, and virtual production toolsets. These changes aim to empower game developers and creators by expanding Unreal Engine 5's functionality and potential.

Moreover, the introduction of experimental rendering, animation, and simulation features allows users to test extended creative workflows within the engine itself, reducing the reliance on external applications and streamlining the game development process.

Find out more about Unreal Engine 5.3 here.

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