Impressive Real-time Animations of a flying Dragon in Unreal Engine 5

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Impressive Real-time Animations of a flying Dragon in Unreal Engine 5
MalberS Animations

MalberS Animations, a prominent content creator recognized for their expertise in Unity, Unreal, and CGtrader, has caught the attention of the gaming community with their latest creation. The developer recently unveiled a captivating real-time animation of a dragon taking flight, all crafted within the powerful Unreal Engine 5.

With a specialization in animal and creature animations, MalberS Animations has developed their own innovative tool, the Animal Controller (AC). This Animation Framework controller, based on a Scriptable-Architecture, enables seamless animations for any animal or humanoid character. The AC, built from over three years of experience, serves as the foundation for all their impressive assets and can be utilized on other store assets as well.

Prior to this Unreal Engine 5 showcase, they showcased their "Drake the Dragonkin" package in Unity, featuring over 170 animation clips, 19 blend shapes, PBR 4k textures, and three art styles: Toon (HandPainted), Realistic, and Poly Art. The pack also offered seven texture variations and seamless compatibility with their proprietary Animal Controller.

Overall, the animation showcases the dragon's wings in mesmerizing motion, intricate textures, and captivating lighting effects.

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