Hogwarts Legacy’s last-gen ports have been delayed until May

by Danny Craig  · 
Hogwarts Legacy’s last-gen ports have been delayed until May
WB Games

The ports of the massively successful Harry Potter title to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been delayed until May 5, 2023.

The details:

  • WB Games has officially announced via Twitter that the ports of Hogwarts Legacy for last-generation consoles have been delayed until May, a month later than the game's originally scheduled release date. After multiple delays, the game was released in February on PC and current-generation platforms, two years after it was originally intended.
  • The studio stated that more time is needed to "deliver the best possible experience on all platforms." With the Nintendo Switch port expected to arrive at the end of July, the extra time spent working on the other versions of the game could benefit the optimization of the port on an even weaker console.
  • Since its initial release, Hogwarts Legacy has been surrounded by controversy, with some taking issue with fans of the game due to anti-trans comments made by Harry Potter author JK Rowling. Despite the backlash, the game was a success, topping sales charts around the world and selling more copies than previous Harry Potter games in just a few days.

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