There’s already a prototype of Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer

by Danny Craig  · 
There’s already a prototype of Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer
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The Skyrim Together team has already created Hogwarts Legacy's first multiplayer mod prototype less than a week after it was released.

The details:

  • The team behind the popular Skyrim Together multiplayer mod has released footage of a test build of a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod called HogWarp. The mod will emphasize "co-op and roleplay," with the goal of allowing up to eight players to play the game together. It’s currently very buggy and lacks content, but the video shows two wizards walking around Hogwarts together, albeit in different day/night cycles.
  • Mod creator Yamashi is currently working on the project alone, with two other members of the Skyrim Together team "ramping up on the code base" and potentially joining the mod’s development at a later date.
  • The early development of the mod was possible in part because of the cat adventure game Stray, which runs off of the same version of Unreal Engine 4, allowing Yamashi to begin work on the multiplayer functionality before the game had even launched. Yamashi did also clarify to PCGamer that a Stray multiplayer mod was never in development and that it was simply used to "create all the tools to help reverse engineer [Hogwarts Legacy] quickly and understand the workflow."
  • A test build is currently available for Yamashi’s Patreon subscribers, but it is still barebones, with them aiming to "release a proof of concept to everyone within this month." Full functionality for the mod is still "a few months away", at least.

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