HBO’s The Last of Us season 2 is coming in 2025

by Danny Craig  · 
HBO’s The Last of Us season 2 is coming in 2025

HBO has confirmed that The Last of Us season 2 will be released in 2025, following a writer's strike that halted production.

The details:

  • During Variety's A Night in the Writer's Room panel last week, executive producer Craig Mazin confirmed that production on the show's second season would begin on February 12, 2024. A new HBO trailer has revealed that the series will premiere in 2025.

  • The first season of the show received widespread acclaim for staying true to the source material to the point where certain shots matched up perfectly with in-game cutscenes. Combined with the brilliant performances of its cast, it quickly earned it the title of one of the best video game adaptations in history.

  • It is currently unknown how long the series will last or how much of the events of the game series will be covered. The first season's nine episodes covered the entirety of the first Last of Us game, but Mazin has stated that the second series will not cover the entirety of its sequel and that the TV show could potentially run for up to four seasons.

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