GTA V mod allowing players to talk to AI NPCs reportedly removed by Take-Two

by Danny Craig  · 
GTA V mod allowing players to talk to AI NPCs reportedly removed by Take-Two
Take-Two Interactive

The creator of the Sentient Streets mod for Grand Theft Auto V, which allowed players to engage in open-ended conversations with NPCs, claims that the mod's download page has been removed by publisher Take-Two Interactive.

The details:

  • Bloc, the mod's author, posted on their YouTube channel that Take-Two had filed a copyright claim against their showcase video of the mod on YouTube, claiming that Bloc had "used [the company's] software (GTA V) in the video." The video itself depicted the player as a police officer interacting with their AI colleagues while using the mod to speak to them through their microphone, with each cop responding with a different personality.
  • Bloc claims in the post that Take-Two forcibly removed the mod's download page from Nexus Mods with a DMCA takedown request, resulting in Bloc then removing the mod from GTA5Mods to avoid any future legal trouble with the publisher. Bloc's Netlify account, which was used to host the mod's installation guide, was also suspended.
  • Following the strikes, the developer contacted the email address used by Take-Two to remove the YouTube video, hoping that it was simply a misunderstanding or the result of a bot. However, the copyright claim appears to have been filed manually due to the number of sudden strikes across multiple sites, and the company has yet to respond.
  • Bloc also stated that the mod was completely free and open source, allowing anyone who so desired to modify it using its original source code. Furthermore, the mod did not use any voice lines or voices that sounded similar to those found in the game.

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