GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas are coming to Netflix

by Danny Craig  · 
GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas are coming to Netflix
Rockstar Games

Rockstar's classic 3D Grand Theft Auto titles will be added to Netflix's mobile subscription service next month.

The details:

  • The deal was announced in a news post on the streaming giant's website, confirming that the three games will be available for free to all subscribers on December 14 via the App Store, Google Play, and its own mobile app.

  • Unfortunately, Netflix will be using the widely panned "Definitive Edition" of the trilogy. When the remastered games were released in late 2021, they were met with criticism from fans for removing features and mechanics, lazy attempts to improve visuals and poor performance, though Rockstar has since attempted to fix some issues. However, the updated versions were clearly designed for mobile play, so most will be satisfied with the free additions to their ongoing subscription.

  • Last month, the Wall Street Journal reported that Netflix was looking to add a GTA game to its service as it looks to expand into the gaming space. This includes plans to develop more titles based on its IPs, such as Squid Game and Wednesday, as well as add more third-party releases for mobile and, later, its TV app.

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