Google begins testing of playable games on YouTube

by Danny Craig  · 
Google begins testing of playable games on YouTube

Google is testing the "Playables" feature on YouTube for a limited number of users across the video-sharing website and its mobile apps.

The details:

  • As reported by 9to5Google, YouTube's test features and experiments page has been updated to confirm that Google is now testing "Playables." The initiative allows users to play games directly on the site or its mobile apps in a new section found on the home feed.
  • The existence of Playables first came to light in June, less than a year after Google shut down its cloud gaming service Stadia due to poor commercial performance. The new initiative is seen as another of Google's attempts to break into the gaming market, this time by putting games in the hands of those who already use its massive video-sharing service, which could help it grow among the casual audience if Google doesn't abandon the idea after testing.
  • So far, there aren't many details about the games themselves, with Stack Bounce, which is available on Google's GameSnacks service, being the only confirmed game. Due to their casual gameplay, which works especially well on mobile devices, any future titles for Playables are very likely to come directly from GameSnacks.

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