EXP: War Trauma: A psychological horror experience in Unreal Engine 5

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EXP: War Trauma: A psychological horror experience in Unreal Engine 5
EXP: War Trauma

The gaming industry has seen a surge in the production of horror games in recent years, but Vini Cortez's EXP: War Trauma takes the genre to a whole new level. The game is a psychological horror experience that explores the traumas of a soldier from World War II.

As a solo game developer from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Vini Cortez has created a unique and captivating gaming experience using Unreal Engine 5. The game is set in a mysterious and strange apartment, where players are completely helpless and their only weapon is their intelligence. The game's mechanics involve exploring the apartment, solving riddles, and being quick on your feet when the countdown starts.

What sets EXP: War Trauma apart from other horror games is its unique premise. Instead of relying on jump scares and gore, the game delves deep into the psychological trauma experienced by soldiers during WW2. The protagonist, Krieger, is a traumatized WW2 soldier whose story unfolds as the player progresses through the experience.

The fictional story is inspired by some historical facts from World War II. As players navigate through the game's levels, they will encounter scenarios from the war with innovative gameplay mechanics that require a combination of intelligence and quick reflexes to survive.

The game's title, "EXP," stands for "Experience," marking the beginning of a series of games with different themes. "War Trauma" is just the first in what promises to be an engrossing and captivating gaming experience for players.

Find out more about the game, and download the demo here.

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