ESL continues utilizing Nielsen to determine partnership value

by Adam Fitch  ·  Updated 
ESL continues utilizing Nielsen to determine partnership value

Esports tournament organizer ESL has extended its partnership with Nielsen to measure and estimate the monetary performance of its commercial relationships.

The extension: Nielsen has its own methodology for "determining the quantitative success" of partnerships.

  • Having established their working relationship in 2019, ESL and Nielsen have extended their agreement for an additional three years.
  • ESL utilizes Nielsen's Quality Index Media method to value its partnership campaigns across social media, broadcasts, and in-person events.
  • The agreement now covers 17 events on an annual basis, including major stops in the CS:GO Pro Tour, and also includes analysis of audiences, viewership, and broadcasts.
  • It's said that the continued collaboration will continue to drive "research standards" in esports by putting a measured number on the return of commercial activations and standardizing viewership metrics in the industry.

The importance: The core function of this partnership is imperative.

  • Whether it's in sports or esports, being able to measure and evaluate the performance of a partnership across digital media, broadcasts, and other mediums is necessary.
  • Esports especially is heavily reliant on revenues from sponsors and partners, putting a monetary value on commercial performance allows ESL to demonstrate the value it can provide to companies.
  • ESL holds partnerships with several prominent brands that are looking to appeal to esports audiences. Through the CS:GO Pro Tour, the German company works with the likes of Intel, DHL, Monster Energy, Acer Predator, and Coinbase.
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