Embracer Group has sold Saber Interactive in a $247m deal

by Danny Craig  · 
Embracer Group has sold Saber Interactive in a $247m deal
Embracer Group

Embracer Group has confirmed that it has sold Saber Interactive to private investors for $247 million USD as it ceases operations in Russia.

The details:

  • After it was discovered that Saber had removed Embracer branding from its website, it has now been officially announced that the company has been sold to private investors through Beacon Interactive for $247 million. Little is known about Beacon Interactive, but it appears that the company was founded specifically for the Embracer deal by Saber co-founder and former CEO Matthew Karch, who also serves as its director.

  • According to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, the deal could potentially grow bigger, with Beacon reportedly intending to acquire Metro developer 4A Studios as well as Pinball FX studio Zen Studios. Plaion, an Embracer subsidiary, will continue to hold Metro franchise rights. These additions will bring the total deal price to around $500 million.

  • Embracer also confirmed that it would be ceasing operations in Russia following the sale of Saber.

  • Saber will keep ownership of the studios Nimble Giant, 3D Realms, Slipgate Ironworks, New World Interactive, Mad Head Games, Sandbox Strategies, Fractured Byte, and Digic, as well as their back catalogs. Embracer will instead retain Aspyr Media, Beamdog, Tripwire Interactive, Tuxedo Labs, Shiver, Snapshot Games, Demiurge, and 34BigtThings.

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