Donkey Kong Country Returns' Switch remaster will cost $60

by Danny Craig  · 
Donkey Kong Country Returns' Switch remaster will cost $60

Nintendo’s remaster of beloved Wii platformer Donkey Kong Country Returns will retail for $60 USD, and fans are not happy about the high price tag.

The details:

  • Pre-orders for the recently announced port are now open on the Nintendo eShop, revealing that it will cost close to full price, despite the original version being released nearly 14 years ago.

  • As expected, news of the price tag has not gone well with fans, with some claiming that it is too expensive and "ridiculous" for such an old game, but they are not surprised given that Nintendo charges the same for similar releases. Some added that the game's sequel, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, was ported to Switch in 2018, but with a new mode and controls, whereas Returns' remaster appears to have little to no changes at all.

  • Last year, Nintendo's $40 remaster of Gamecube title Metroid Prime drew similar criticism, with fans comparing it to other releases like the Crash, Spyro, and Tomb Raider remastered trilogies, which offer multiple games for the same price, if not less. Despite the complaints, it appears that the company has no plans to change the price of remasters in the future.

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