Diablo IV will be Steam Deck Verified according to Blizzard

by Danny Craig  · 
Diablo IV will be Steam Deck Verified according to Blizzard
Blizzard Entertainment

Ahead of its Steam launch later this month, Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo IV will be fully playable on the Steam Deck out of the box, allowing players to take the ARPG on the go.

The details:

  • Blizzard announced last week that Diablo IV would be released on Steam on October 17. The game was released exclusively on Battle.net for PC players four months ago and has since become a massive hit both critically and commercially, though those grabbing the Steam copy will still need to own a Battle.net account to play due to its online features.
  • Diablo Global Community Development Director Adam Fletcher announced in a new post on X that the game will be Steam Deck Verified at launch. Fletcher didn't go into detail, but it's expected that the game will require a few graphical tweaks to run smoothly on the handheld's hardware, with those who used alternative methods to run the Battle.net version having to settle for low-medium settings for decent performance.
  • This is the second Blizzard title to be released on Steam after Overwatch 2 in August. Following its release, it quickly became the lowest-rated game on Steam for a variety of reasons ranging from a dislike of Blizzard to criticism of the title's lack of support.

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