Diablo IV is coming to Steam later this month

by Danny Craig  · 
Diablo IV is coming to Steam later this month
Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has announced that Diablo IV will be released on Steam on October 17th, following its exclusive launch on Battle.net earlier this year.

The details:

  • Blizzard confirmed its ARPG is finally coming to PC's most popular storefront in a new blog post, just four months after its Battle.net debut. The game is now available to wishlist through its new store page, and it will be available on October 17. If you bought the Battle.net version, you'll have to buy a completely new copy for full price if you wish to move to Steam.
  • Those who choose to play the game on Steam, whether for the first time or simply switching to the more popular launcher, will still need to sign up for a Battle.net account, which Blizzard says is required to access features such as cross-platform play and "more."
  • Blizzard announced earlier this year that it intends to bring more of its games to Steam to "break down the barriers" by making games available outside of its own service. This started with the August release of Overwatch 2, which was immediately review-bombed, becoming the most negatively reviewed game on the platform for a variety of reasons ranging from a lack of support to general hatred for the publisher.

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