Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion is coming in February 2024

by Danny Craig  · 
Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion is coming in February 2024

Bungie has finally revealed Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, The Final Shape, will arrive on February 27, 2024, and serve as a conclusion to the franchise’s first saga after almost a decade.

The details:

  • The reveal trailer shows fans the beginning of the end of Destiny's current storyline, with the Guardians entering the mysterious Traveler's "Pale Heart.” A fireteam of Guardians can be seen in the trailer fighting through many locations that will be somewhat familiar to longtime fans, including an overgrown version of the original Tower from Destiny 1. Vanguard leaders Zavala, Ikora Rey, and even the formally deceased Cayde-6 play major roles in the expansion.
  • The expansion also brings three new super abilities, new aspects for multiple subclasses, and, of course, new legendary and exotic gear. This includes the return of multiple Destiny 1 exotics such as the Red Death pulse rifle, the Khvostov auto rifle, and the Dragon's Breath rocket launcher.
  • Following The Final Shape, Destiny 2's current seasonal structure will be replaced with three longer "episodes," each with three acts. Similar to the current seasons, new weapons, pursuits, and missions will be added throughout the six-week-long acts. The main distinction is that each episode will have a self-contained plot. This makes sense given that The Final Shape is meant to wrap up the current saga.
  • Bungie has previously stated that it will continue to support Destiny after the expansion for the foreseeable future, and given that Commander Zavala is now voiced by Keith David following Lance Reddick's passing, it appears that the core cast will remain in some capacity.

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