DayZ 2 is reportedly in development according to court documents

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DayZ 2 is reportedly in development according to court documents
Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive is currently working on a sequel to its hit zombie survival game, according to internal Xbox documents.

The details:

  • A slide focused on Bohemia Interactive in a document submitted as evidence during the FTC v. Microsoft trial containing Microsoft's acquisition strategy reveals that the developer is working on multiple titles, including DayZ 2, Arma 4, and Arma Reforger. While both Arma 4 and Reforger were previously announced, this is the first time that DayZ 2 has been confirmed as being in development.
  • Following the release of the document, IGN requested a statement from Bohemia, which did not confirm or deny the development of DayZ 2. "While we are expanding our focus regarding the possibilities of the DayZ game, brand, and team itself, we can't offer too many details at the moment," said a spokesperson. "There are numerous projects Bohemia Interactive dev teams are currently exploring or working on, but they will be officially revealed when and only after we feel the time is right."
  • The document's "Risks" section also revealed that Ylands and Vigor, Bohemia's two most recent releases outside of Arma/DayZ, have not performed as well as the company had hoped and have "failed to find commercial or critical success." The section also mentions that the studio's titles are known for having "poor technical performance" and being "typically buggy," which are issues that have plagued both Arma and DayZ, with the latter being notoriously "broken,", especially during its early days as it transitioned from a mod to a standalone release.
  • One other noteworthy detail in the slide is that DayZ appears to be popular enough on Xbox Game Pass among console players for Bohemia to be satisfied, though the company is hesitant to include the PC version of the game on the service. Although no directly comparable figures are provided, the statistic chart provided shows that 18,986,964 hours have been logged into DayZ on Xbox in the last six months.

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