CD Projekt is looking for someone to work on The Witcher and Cyberpunk fiction

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CD Projekt is looking for someone to work on The Witcher and Cyberpunk fiction
Credit: CD Projekt

Saddle up, Roach: your skills are needed.

A new job listing from CD Projekt, the Polish game studio behind the beloved ‘The Witcher’ franchise and much-improved ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ title, states that the company is looking for someone to be ‘responsible for the co-creation of almost every comic book, children’s book, board game and TV series that will go public and be seen by a world audience’.

This is a massive opportunity for anybody who enjoys CD Projekt’s work. The studio is known for great storytelling and immersive lore, making this any writer’s dream.

The details:

  • The job, based in Warsaw, Poland, has a focus on producing scripts for CD Projekt’s comic books and animations.

  • Since the role doubles as an editor, the successful candidate will also be overseeing material submitted by outsourced writers and creating world bibles for ‘existing and non-existing IPs’ to ensure that all lore remains consistent.

  • It requires professional experience writing and editing for comic books, literature or movies, with a portfolio and writing examples to back it up.

  • Knowledge of ‘all’ CD Projekt’s IPs is asked for, so we can safely assume that this role will have some involvement in both The Witcher and Cyberpunk’s creative mediums.

  • It’s also possible that, later down the line, the third IP that CD Projekt is working on could join the job’s remit.

A strong track record:

  • While CD Projekt is best known for its game titles, it has actually been penning comics for some time now. Dark Horse, a stronghold in the comic book space, has been producing collaborative works with the studio since 2014.

  • The next set of The Witcher comics, a four-issue series titled ‘The Ballad of Two Wolves’, will be released on December 21 this year, written by Bartosz Sztybor — author of two of the studio’s recent editions.

  • It’s not just The Witcher, though. As we mentioned before, the job is seeking someone with knowledge of CD Projekt’s entire catalog. And, since the candidate would be joining the animation team, we can assume there’ll be some work on the Cyberpunk universe, too.

  • Cyberpunk was recently brought to our TV screens through the Netflix and Studio Trigger adaptation: Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. The Japanese-language anime ran as a 10-episode standalone story, which means there won’t be a second season. But maybe the wording of this job description means we can start looking forward to something else.

View the full job description here.

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