Capcom’s stock prices are at an all-time high

by Danny Craig  · 
Capcom’s stock prices are at an all-time high

Following the success of Resident Evil 4’s remake, Capcom’s share prices are at their highest in the company’s over forty-year history.

The details:

  • According to industry consultant Dr. Serkan Toto, the publisher's stock rose to ¥4,865 ($36.42) on the Tokyo Stock Exchange around noon on Monday and is now trading at ¥4,840 ($36.56). Capcom's stock was at a low of ¥390 ($2.92) just ten years ago; however, continued success with properties such as Resident Evil (RE) and Street Fighter has caused it to grow since, resulting in the company being in the best position in terms of value since its inception.
  • The increase in share price follows the massively successful release of the RE4 remake, which received acclaim from both fans and critics while also breaking the series' total number of concurrent players on Steam by tens of thousands. The remake was also reportedly the series' second-best performer in terms of unit sales within the first two days of release, selling three million copies, trailing only RE6, which shipped 4.5 million units in 2012 despite receiving mixed reviews. We anticipate that RE4 Remake will continue to sell more units as fans await the potential release of a remake of the Separate Ways DLC as well as the confirmed VR mode.
  • Capcom stated in February that it was on track to sell a record number of games by the end of its fiscal year on March 31, expecting to sell more than 40 million units in total. The company has yet to reveal whether its goal was met, but there's a decent possibility that RE4 Remake's first-week sales pushed the total above the mark. From March 2022 to December 2022, the company sold 2.75 million copies of Monster Hunter Rise, 2.85 million combined units of the RE2 and 3 remakes, and 1.45 million copies of Devil May Cry 5, but its overall revenue was still down.

More business news from around the gaming industry:

  • Electronic Arts (EA) announced that it will lay off 6% of its workforce as part of an internal restructuring plan. According to the publisher, it is still "operating from a position of strength" and that the restructuring will allow it to focus on "strategic priorities" in the future.
  • The production of Just Dance 2023 was supposedly a "mess," and many of its developers experienced burnout as a result of constant pressure from higher-ups to rework and add new features, according to an investigation into Ubisoft's Paris studio. While one employee claimed to have worked regular 13-hour shifts, others reportedly had been "explicitly encouraged" to work overtime at meetings.
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