Capcom confirms it will release a "major title" by March 2024

by Danny Craig  · 
Capcom confirms it will release a "major title" by March 2024

Capcom has announced that an "unannounced major title" will be released before the end of March 2024, leaving fans to speculate on which of its franchises will receive a new entry.

The details:

  • As reported by VG247, the publisher has released a document containing a Q&A as part of its recent financial report, in which it states that the unannounced title will allow it to meet its fiscal year's overall sales target. This will be the second major franchise title to be released in the second half of the fiscal year, following Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy in January.

  • It’s unknown what the major title could be, but fans are speculating that it may be a Resident Evil Code Veronica remake, Monster Hunter, Mega Man, or Devil May Cry, considering Street Fighter 6 is still relatively new and Dead Rising has been out of the spotlight for a while now.

  • Following the well-received and commercially successful releases of Resident Evil 4's remake and Street Fighter 6, Capcom has had one of the best years in its long history, with its COO even stating that the company would turn down a major acquisition proposal from companies such as Microsoft.

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