Capcom announces a Street Fighter 6 open beta for May 19–21

by Danny Craig  · 
Capcom announces a Street Fighter 6 open beta for May 19–21

Capcom has confirmed that an open beta for Street Fighter 6 will be available for all players between May 19 and 21, across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S.

The details:

  • The official Street Fighter Twitter account has announced that a beta period will be available to anyone who has registered a Capcom ID and linked their respective platform just a few weeks before the game's June release. The beta will be available for pre-download on May 16, three days before it goes live.
  • The beta will include all of the content from the closed beta in December, including eight characters, including series icon Ryu and protagonist Luke, six stages, and a variety of multiplayer modes including ranked, unranked, and training. It's also worth noting that cross-play will be enabled, allowing all platforms to play against each other for the duration of the weekend. A complete list of the beta's content can be found on the game's official website here.
  • Due to the beta's proximity to the game's full release, Capcom stated that the full game will be "further adjusted and will feature updated character balance," so players should expect issues like unbalanced characters to be addressed by the time June 2 rolls around. The publisher has also stated that "emergency maintenance" may be required during the beta as it expects a "great number of players to register.”

More upcoming games:

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