Bungie’s new IP could use Unreal Engine 5

by Danny Craig  · 
Bungie’s new IP could use Unreal Engine 5

A recent job listing suggests that Bungie has opted to switch to Unreal Engine 5 from its in-house engine for its new IP.

The details:

  • The Destiny developer is looking for an "Incubation Gameplay Engineering Lead" to "build and maintain production-quality gameplay systems, workflows, and tools in C++ on Unreal 5," with "experience with development using the Unreal Engine" listed as a preferred skill. The listing is one of several recent job openings at the studio implying that it may be moving away from its in-house Tiger Engine.
  • In late 2022, reports surfaced of one of Bungie's unannounced projects using the Tiger Engine, with a "Lead Gameplay Engineer" posting outlining that the candidate would be building and maintaining "networked gameplay systems, workflows, and tools in Bungie's Tiger Engine." The references to the engine were later removed, so it's unclear whether it was a simple oversight if Bungie hadn't yet switched over, or if the projects are entirely different.
  • Bungie joinsseveralf other developers in switching to Epic's engine, with its original franchise, Halo, also reportedly abandoning the Slipspace engine, which was revealed to be difficult to use and riddled with bugs and technical limitations. The next LEGO game "based on a major IP" will likely use Unreal, as, like Slipspace, the NTT Engine in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was lacking key features.

Bungie’s upcoming projects:

  • According to past job listings, Bungie is working on a new game called "Matter" which will be a multiplayer action game with RPG elements. The game will also be more upbeat and lighthearted than Bungie's existing franchises, Halo and Destiny. We don't know much else about the project, but we may have seen some concept art at the end of an early 2022 recruitment video. Although this has not been confirmed, the bright colors on display would fit the lighter-hearted style.
  • Bungie will continue to create new content for Destiny 2, as expected, with recent job listings including a UI engineer and principal producer. Bungie also confirmed in 2020 that there will most likely be no Destiny 3 in the future, with Destiny 2 continuing as a live-service title.
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