BioShock creator’s new game revealed as ‘Judas’

by Danny Craig  ·  Updated 
BioShock creator’s new game revealed as ‘Judas’
Ghost Story Games

During The Game Awards, we were treated to a reveal trailer for a new game from Ken Levine’s studio, Ghost Story Games. Most interestingly, its style bears a striking resemblance to his previous work.

The details:

  • Judas will be the debut title for Ghost Story Games after Levine’s previous studio, Irrational Games, rebranded following the release of BioShock Infinite.
  • The game features an Americana style, elemental powers conjured from the player's fingertips, deranged characters, and dangerous robots — only this time, it’s in space.
  • It will release across Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Steam, and the Epic Games Store, with the ability to wishlist on PC already available. With no clear release date, we imagine it will arrive sometime in 2024.
  • Geoff Keighley, the show's host, claimed to have played several hours of the game and that the trailer accurately represented the experience. This not only indicates that the game is at a decent spot in development, but it also helps to calm the nerves of those who recall the significant downgrade between the reveal and the final release of BioShock Infinite.

Who is Ken Levine and why are people so excited about his new game?

  • Ken Levine is best known for being behind the popular BioShock franchise since its original entry in 2007. Despite his absence, a new franchise entry is in the works, with Far Cry writer Liz Albl acting as the project’s narrative lead.
  • Prior to BioShock, his former studio, Irrational Games (at one point known as 2K Boston), was partly behind the cult classic survival horror game System Shock 2. The earliest parts of BioShock’s development can be traced back to 2002 when Levine wanted to create a game in the same style as System Shock 2.
  • Earlier this year, it was reported that former members of his team criticised Levine for scrapping large portions of work and making poor management decisions, which caused the top producer to leave. It was also revealed that the original release date for Judas was 2017, which was pushed back multiple times due to significant changes in direction.
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