Bethesda wants Starfield to be played as long as Skyrim

by Danny Craig  · 
Bethesda wants Starfield to be played as long as Skyrim

Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed that one of Bethesda's goals during the development of Starfield was to create a title that fans would frequently return to a decade after its release, similar to 2011's Skyrim.

The details:

  • Speaking at a recent CCXP event, Spencer shared that since its release in September, over 12 million players have jumped into Bethesda’s space RPG, thanking fans for making the game a “tremendous hit” after it became the studio’s biggest launch of all time. It’s worth noting that this does not mean the game has sold 12 million units, as it was offered on Xbox Game Pass from launch.

  • The company head also stated that more content for the game is on the way, including the official Shattered Space expansion and upcoming mod support. Spencer stated that when he spoke with director Todd Howard, it was made clear that the team wished to create a game that gave those who love space the "same opportunity" that Skyrim gave fantasy fans, and that he has a "ton of confidence that for many many years, Starfield will be sitting very high in the gameplay [charts]."

  • Starfield has been a divisive title among Bethesda fans, with mixed reviews for its gameplay, story, visuals, and different style of exploration compared to previous games, while others praised its generally solid performance given the studio's reputation for bugs and stability issues. However, it appears that the company is not fond of negative feedback, as it decided to try to persuade fans who left negative Steam reviews that the game was good and that they simply needed to play it differently.

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