Avowed is "similar in length to The Outer Worlds," Obsidian confirms

by Danny Craig  · 
Avowed is "similar in length to The Outer Worlds," Obsidian confirms

Obsidian Entertainment has confirmed that its upcoming fantasy RPG, Avowed, will be roughly the same size as its previous title, The Outer Worlds.

The details:

  • Speaking with Game Informer, game director Carrie Patel shared more details on the size of the game when asked how long players should expect it to be overall. “The best comparison for Avowed in terms of scope is The Outer Worlds,” Patel revealed. “Players can expect a roughly similar experience, just like The Outer Worlds, depending on what kind of difficulty they play on, and how thoroughly they explore and invest inside content, versus just sticking to the main crit path missions.”

  • According to HowLongToBeat.com, The Outer Worlds’ main questline takes 13 to 14 hours to complete, with all of the side quests bringing the total up to 26 hours. Those looking to complete and collect everything in Avowed should expect to spend an average of 39 hours completing every piece of content in the game, based on the site's user-submitted figures for The Outer Worlds.

  • Avowed, which will launch on Xbox Series X/S and PC later this year, is Obsidian’s first AAA project under Microsoft and was pitched as the studio’s own take on a Skyrim-like title. In a recent deep dive episode of the Xbox Podcast, the studio provided further details and gameplay focused on its skill trees, combat, dialogue system, and third-person camera.

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