A new Rugrats game is coming to the 40-year old NES

by Danny Craig  · 
A new Rugrats game is coming to the 40-year old NES

MIX Games has announced that its latest title, Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland, will be released not only on PC and modern consoles but also on the legendary 8-bit NES, 40 years after the console's original Japanese release.

The details:

  • The new platforming title based on the 90s cartoon was shown off at MIX Showcase and will include solo and co-op modes, the ability to switch between 8-bit and hand-drawn art styles, and will allow fans to play as a variety of characters from the show with cameos from many familiar faces throughout.
  • While the game will be available digitally on modern consoles and PCs, Limited Run Games will also release it in physical form. However, MIX has also confirmed to VGC that a version for the original NES will be released, with the title running in 8-bit graphics mode and a chiptune soundtrack. It is unknown how many copies of the NES release will be made, but given the unique nature of the release, it is expected to sell out quickly.
  • Despite the fact that Nintendo officially ended support for the iconic system in 2007, with the last licensed release in 1994, fans have continued to create and release their own titles for the console. As recently as 2019, developers such as Kevin Hanley and his team at KHAN Games have created some impressive homebrew games, such as NEScape!, with physical cartridge copies being shipped with custom manuals and old-school cardboard boxes.

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