A new Red Dead Redemption logo has appeared on Rockstar’s website

by Danny Craig  · 
A new Red Dead Redemption logo has appeared on Rockstar’s website
Rockstar Games

A brand new logo for 2010’s Red Dead Redemption has been discovered following an update to Rockstar Games’ official website, fueling rumors that the reveal of the reported remake or remaster could be just around the corner.

The details:

  • The site update, according to Twitter user @TezFunz2, added "Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Presents Ver)" to its internal games list, as well as a new "Rockstar Games Presents" logo. It was also given the codename RDR1RSP, which was thought to stand for "RDR1 Remaster SP," but fan account @GTASeries suggests that the "RSP" could stand for "RockStar Presents" based on the company's previous use of the acronym RSG.
  • The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea rated the game back in June, with the rating carrying a classification number including "NV," which is used to signify console titles. The rating piqued fans' interest as it is known for leaking titles ahead of time, such as Quake Remastered, which was rated months before its official release. It was also completely unrelated to the ratings from the original release, DLC, and Game of the Year edition 13 years ago, leading many to believe it could be related to another version of the game.
  • Rumors of a remake or remaster of the original RDR have been circulating for some time, with "legitimate leakers" claiming that the game will be remade using the engine from its sequel. Colin Moriarty, the owner of Last Stand Media and a former IGN editor, also claimed to have seen "proof" of a remaster and that Rockstar intends to make a big announcement in August. With all of the RDR-related changes that have occurred in the last month, it appears that this is indeed the case, though whether it will be released on PC is still unknown, as the original game was never released outside of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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