Ubisoft has reportedly canceled a sequel to Immortals: Fenyx Rising

by Danny Craig  · 
Ubisoft has reportedly canceled a sequel to Immortals: Fenyx Rising

According to reports, Ubisoft Quebec is no longer working on a sequel to the 2020 open-world adventure title, and the studio has responded that some changes are taking place.

The details:

  • According to anonymous sources speaking with VGC, a sequel to Fenyx Rising has been canceled early in development due to "challenges around establishing the IP." As stated by journalist Jeff Grubb, Ubisoft intended to create an entire franchise around Immortals, with other mythologies, including Hawaiian Polynesian myths, to be explored in future titles, but those plans were scrapped after the company began to focus on its more prominent brands.
  • In response to the original VGC report, the publisher stated that it is "reallocating some creative teams and resources within the Quebec studio to other unannounced projects," with the "expertise and technologies" developed by the reshuffled teams now serving as an "accelerator" for its key projects. Ubisoft did not directly confirm the project's cancellation, nor did it elaborate on which of the team's key projects had been reassigned.
  • Immortals: Fenyx Rising received favorable reviews at launch, with many praising its open world, music, gameplay systems, and narrative. The visual style and methods of traversal with the protagonist, Fenyx, climbing up cliffs, gliding long distances, and riding around on horseback were heavily compared to 2017's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Despite positive reviews, the game did not perform well in terms of sales, so it's not surprising that Ubisoft has decided to abandon the franchise for the time being.

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