Zombie survival MMO The Day Before delayed once again, will launch in early access

by Danny Craig  · 
Zombie survival MMO The Day Before delayed once again, will launch in early access

Developer Fntastic has announced that its controversial MMO, The Day Before, will not be arriving next week, instead launching next month in early access due to potential “unforeseen circumstances” possibly affecting the game.
The details:

  • Fntastic announced the delay on the game's X account, stating that the launch would be pushed back from November 10 to December 7. The game will also be available in early access as it is the developer's “first huge game, and there may be unforeseen consequences,” with the full release coming when it feels like it is the "best version of the game possible."

  • The studio also revealed that it had secured the name "The Day Before" following a trademark dispute that caused a delay earlier this year and that its Steam store page had been restored by Valve after being pulled down around the time of the trademark dispute, and will be available to the public "very soon."

  • The legitimacy of The Day Before has been called into question since its original announcement, with Fntastic being called out for using unpaid volunteers to help with development, allegedly copying portions of its trailers from other titles such as Call of Duty, and possibly lying about the current status of the project.

  • Everyone is now wondering whether the game will be playable on December 7, with early access releases gaining a bad reputation for being riddled with bugs and, in some cases, never being finished. One example of a rocky early access launch is Bohemia Interactive's DayZ, which was heavily criticized for being riddled with technical issues and taking six years to officially release.

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