Xbox and Bethesda will be attending Gamescom 2023

by Danny Craig  · 
Xbox and Bethesda will be attending Gamescom 2023

It has been confirmed that both Xbox and Bethesda are set to make an appearance at Gamescom 2023 in Cologne, Germany, with more information coming soon.

The details:

  • The attendance was confirmed by Gamescom's official Twitter account, marking another year that the gaming giant has attended the show since its inception in 2009. With Bethesda also present, it's likely that Starfield will be the main attraction of Microsoft's presence, potentially allowing fans to get their hands on the game early.
  • We might see a new announcement from the company at the show, but after its two-part showing at Summer Game Fest last month, it's more likely that it will expand on what we already know about its upcoming titles like Fable, Forza Motorsport, Avowed, and even third-party offerings like Persona 3: Reload. The trade show frequently features playable demos at attendees' booths, so fans may get to try out some of the most anticipated games before the final build, and those same demos may also be released via the Xbox and Windows stores around the same time.
  • Despite rumors that it had pulled out of E3 after claiming that it "doesn't have enough major releases ready to show that would justify significant event space,” Nintendo was the first attendee to be confirmed for Gamescom. Sony, on the other hand, has not confirmed its attendance, and, like its appearances at E3, it has not attended Gamescom since 2019, instead opting to host its own online showcase, State of Play, to announce new releases.

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