Upcoming indie title "OVERRIDER" offers SSX-inspired hoverboarding following the apocalypse

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Upcoming indie title "OVERRIDER" offers SSX-inspired hoverboarding following the apocalypse
"OVERRIDER" by Dreamteck

Dreamteck, a Bulgarian game development studio known for its Unity engine expertise, has announced "OVERRIDER," an indie game that offers a unique blend of high-speed hoverboarding action and post-apocalyptic adventure.

Players will dive into the role of Vihra, a bold inventor, as she navigates a world where human civilization has fallen and robotic threats loom large. Drawing gameplay influence from iconic titles like SSX and Sonic, OVERRIDER is set to challenge players with its emphasis on precision, movement mechanics, and hardcore gameplay.

The game incorporates a roguelike progression system, encouraging players to refine their skills, execute elaborate tricks, and craft indispensable gadgets to fend off the AI menace.

OVERRIDER not only emphasizes speed and agility on the hoverboard but also integrates a comprehensive upgrade system. Players will collect scrap to enhance their hoverboards, developing gadgets and mods that provide various abilities and introduce different playstyles.

As players adapt and evolve their hoverboarding techniques, they will be able to take on increasingly formidable robotic adversaries. The game's environment invites exploration and mastery, with mechanics that allow players to grind rails, ride walls, and achieve impressive air times, all contributing to their power and effectiveness against the AI onslaught.

"OVERRIDER" by Dreamteck

Dreamteck has a history of delivering high-quality outsourcing services and a track record of product development across platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, Apple Arcade, and Nintendo Switch.

The studio's new game represents Dreamteck's commitment to leveraging its Unity development capabilities to create engaging, action-packed gaming experiences.

As anticipation for OVERRIDER builds, Dreamteck prepares to add another distinctive title to the indie game landscape, combining the thrill of hoverboarding with the urgency of survival in a world on the brink.

You can wishlist OVERRIDER on Steam now and keep up with its development by following Dreamteck on X and LinkedIn.

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