Twitch is ending support for its Nintendo Switch app

by Danny Craig  · 
Twitch is ending support for its Nintendo Switch app

Twitch has announced that it will no longer support its Nintendo Switch app, just two years after it was made available on the platform's store.

The details:

  • Several users have shared an email from the streaming service on X, confirming that the platform will be unavailable on the Switch via its official app beginning January 31, 2024. “We are reaching out to let you know that we have made the hard decision to remove the Twitch app from the Nintendo Switch,” the message reads. “The app will be removed January 31, 2024. Thank you for supporting Twitch streamers and communities on the Nintendo Switch.”

  • Twitch has also updated its support site to provide more details regarding the shutdown, with the app being delisted from the Nintendo eShop on November 6, so new users will no longer be able to download it. All users will then lose access completely on January 31.

  • The Twitch app was released on the console in late 2021, but many notable features were missing, including chat, subscriptions, and the ability to stream games from the system, most likely due to Nintendo's focus on protecting younger users from potentially "dangerous" communication. As a result, most users chose to stick with the platform's mobile app.

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