Titanfall’s series director is working on a new IP

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Titanfall’s series director is working on a new IP
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Respawn Entertainment’s CEO Vince Zampella has revealed that Steve Fukuda, the former series director for Titanfall, is working on "something new" at the studio.

The details:

  • Zampella confirmed to Axios that a "small team" at Respawn is currently working on "something new" with the goal of "finding the fun in something new," implying that it will be a brand-new IP. The CEO clarified that it was unrelated to Titanfall 3, which he expressed interest in last week.
  • Zampella's previous statement about another Titanfall game appears to be true, as Fukuda, who served as lead designer and director for both Titanfall games, is leading the team. Given that the team is "small," the rest of the former Titanfall development team that still works at the company is most likely assigned to one of the studio's many other projects.
  • Before joining Respawn, Fukuda was a lead designer at Infinity Ward, where he worked on Call of Duty titles ranging from Call of Duty 2 to Modern Warfare 2. Fukuda left the Call of Duty developer in 2010 as one of 38 former employees who migrated after the founding of Respawn. Due to his previous work in first-person shooters, the new project could be another FPS franchise, though with the studio already working on both a Star Wars FPS and Apex Legends, it's unclear if it will try yet another.

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