The remake of the original Witcher game will be open-world

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The remake of the original Witcher game will be open-world
CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt RED (CDPR) has revealed that the upcoming remake of the very first Witcher title will be based in an open-world environment.

The details:

  • CDPR has confirmed in its Q3 financial report that the remake of The Witcher, the franchise’s very first title, will be open-world. The 2007 hit game originally took place inside smaller, more detailed maps, which was a common theme at the time of development.
  • This confirmation comes shortly after October’s announcement that a reimagining of The Witcher is in the works under the codename of “Canis Majoris”.
  • The game is still in early development and is being worked on in collaboration with Polish studio Fool’s Theory. No info has been given on any potential release date, but it’s unlikely to be released before 2024.
  • Founded in 2015, Fool’s Theory is made up of over 50 team members, including some who have worked on previous Witcher entries.

What other games is CDPR working on?

  • In October it was announced that CDPR-owned studio, The Molasses Flood, is working on a spin-off of The Witcher known as Project Sirius. It was confirmed in the company’s Group Strategy update that the title will include both single-player and multiplayer elements — something we haven’t seen in the franchise until this point.
  • CDPR also confirmed that it was working on a new Witcher trilogy to continue building upon the in-game universe. The first of these titles is known as Project Polaris and is planned to be released during a six-year publishing cycle, though it’s not been announced yet when this might start.
  • The Cyberpunk franchise will also be receiving another release with the working codename of Project Orion. The game will be developed by CDPR’s North American studio. Again, there’s no information or release date on this project just yet.
  • For the first time in the company’s history, CDPR will be creating a brand new IP from the ground up. With the early conceptual work having started in 2021 and "ongoing work on the foundations of this world – laying the setting for a third separate product line in the future” currently in progress.

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