The Witcher 4 will be an "excellent entry point" for series newcomers

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The Witcher 4 will be an "excellent entry point" for series newcomers
CD Projekt

CD Projekt Red has confirmed that the next mainline Witcher title aims to be both a solid starting point for those new to the franchise and another hit release for longtime fans, while also bringing something new to the RPG genre.

The details:

  • Speaking with Italian publication Lega Nerd (via, game director Sebastian Kalemba revealed more details about The Witcher 4, stating that while it is a follow-up to the previous entry, newcomers will be able to pick up the title without having played previous releases. "The Witcher 4 won't be out for some years, and it'll be a long time since the previous one, so we cannot just target the audience already fond of the saga,โ€ Kalemba explained. โ€œWe must also build a new community. On that note, I believe I can say it'll be an excellent entry point for many players, without forgetting the long-time fans who still wish to follow Geralt's adventures.โ€

  • The director couldn't share too many details since the game is still in development and a few years away from release, but he did say that the studio is looking to "try and do something new compared to what's currently in role-playing games'' and "build something that surpasses The Witcher 3." He then went on to explain the significance of classic RPG systems that encourage player freedom, such as equipping Geralt with the skills and equipment of their choice, which CDPR demonstrated heavily in Cyberpunk 2077.

  • Following the release of Cyberpunk's Phantom Liberty expansion, the development team for The Witcher 4 has grown to be the largest in the studio, with around 330 developers. This number is expected to rise to over 400 by the midpoint of 2024 as more employees step away from Cyberpunk.

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