The state of esports coaching with MarkyB

by Adam Fitch  · 
The state of esports coaching with MarkyB

On this episode of Make Your Mark, we look into the developing craft of esports coaching.

The episode: Make Your Mark is weekly interview series that provides value-packed advice on specific professions in gaming and esports.

  • This episode of Make Your Mark sees Adam Fitch sit down with Call of Duty coach Mark "MarkyB" Bryceland.
  • Having previously been a successful competitor before turning to coaching, MarkyB has a well-rounded view of competition and utilized that for years as the Head Coach of Toronto Ultra.
  • Throughout the episode, he discusses what skills are needed as a coach, what a typical day for an esports coach looks like, conflict resolution, his favorite resources, and the future of the discipline.

Make Your Mark is on major audio platforms! It's also available in video form on YouTube, as you can see below. Enjoy!

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