"Sunrise by the River": A beautiful real-time 3D environment made in UE5 by Marc Obiols

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"Sunrise by the River": A beautiful real-time 3D environment made in UE5 by Marc Obiols
"Sunrise by the River" by Marc Obiols

In the world of game development, the ability to craft immersive environments is a coveted skill, and Marc Obiols, a 3D Environment Artist at Ubisoft Barcelona, has recently exhibited his expertise with a stunning creation titled "Sunrise by the River."

Developed using Unreal Engine 5.2, the project was part of his teaching curriculum at game-levelup.com, where Obiols guided students through the entire pipeline—from initial blockouts to the intricate final render.

The result is a serene yet intricately detailed scene that demonstrates both the potential of Unreal Engine and the artist's command over the environment creation process.

The course taught by Obiols was focused on environment creation techniques within Unreal, encouraging the use of Megascans assets to populate the level.

The "Sunrise by the River" scene itself is a testament to the versatility and photorealistic potential of Unreal Engine 5.2, showcasing lush vegetation, a gently flowing river, and the gentle hues of a morning sky.

Obiols' workflow included landscape creation with automaterial and RVT, vegetation scattering, and the utilization of spline tools for roads and fences—culminating in a comprehensive educational experience that bridged theory and practical application.

"Sunrise by the River" by Marc Obiols

Complementing Unreal Engine's capabilities, the project also integrated tools like Gaea for crafting realistic mountain backgrounds and Blender for additional 3D modeling requirements.

The environment, which was further polished with lighting and post-processing techniques, stands as a remarkable example of what modern game engine technology, coupled with artistic skill, can achieve.

For aspiring game developers and 3D artists, Marc Obiols's "Sunrise by the River" not only serves as inspiration but also as a beacon of what's possible in the realm of real-time 3D environment art.

"Sunrise by the River" by Marc Obiols

We just wish the video was a bit longer!

If you're thinking the same, then it's worth following Obiols on ArtStation, LinkedIn, and YouTube to see more of his awesome work.

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