Spider-Man 2 will receive a new game plus mode in a future update

by Danny Craig  · 
Spider-Man 2 will receive a new game plus mode in a future update

Insomniac Games has confirmed that a post-launch update for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will include new game plus and the ability to replay missions.

The details:

  • In response to a fan's question about whether the features would be available at launch, Insomniac's director of community and marketing, James Stevenson, stated that the developer is "working on an update for those features, but they won't be in Day 1." He then gave a release window of "before the end of the year" for the update.

  • Although the entire title is playable offline using the physical game disc, Insomniac has advised players to download the day one patch for the game, stating that the update adds "notable enhancements" such as additional accessibility options and general polish to certain areas of the game. By default, digital copies of the game will include the launch day patch.

  • This week saw the start of Spider-Man 2 reviews, with the game quickly becoming one of Insomniac's highest-rated titles of all time, with an average critic score of 91% on OpenCritic. The game's visuals and performance have been lauded for making full use of the PS5's power, and its gameplay and story have built on the foundation of its predecessors.

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