Solo indie developer's "Horticular" sees Steam wishlists surge after emotional appeal on X

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Solo indie developer's "Horticular" sees Steam wishlists surge after emotional appeal on X
"Horticular" by inDirection Games

"Horticular", a cozy garden-builder game developed by inDirection Games, a solo indie developer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, recently experienced a remarkable surge in interest.

The developer, Robert Kaufmann, shared a heartfelt post on November 10, expressing the struggles of being an indie developer after Horticular received only one new wishlist addition on Steam the previous day.

This candid disclosure resonated with the gaming community, leading to a dramatic increase in wishlists — nearly 600 — within a day. Kaufmann's follow-up post conveyed overwhelming gratitude, highlighting the emotional rollercoaster often faced by solo developers in the industry.

Set in a magical world, Horticular invites players to restore a long-lost garden at their own pace, attracting adorable animals and combating garden decay and corruption.

The game combines elements of a relaxing garden-builder with engaging storytelling, as players interact with quirky characters and navigate challenges set by a nemesis.

Players have the freedom to design their garden with a variety of unlockable items and surfaces, each choice shaping a unique gameplay experience.

The game also features a day-night cycle, weather effects, and magical elements, adding layers of depth to the garden maintenance and animal attraction mechanics.

"Horticular" by inDirection Games

Kaufmann's inDirection Games, founded in early 2021, is driven by a passion for creating unique, emotionally resonant gaming experiences. Horticular embodies this vision, offering a tranquil yet engaging retreat for players.

Kaufmann's dedication to crafting games that allow players to connect on a personal level is evident in the title, which is a real labor of love.

As Horticular continues to gain traction, it stands as a testament to the place that heartfelt indie game projects continue to hold within the gaming community.

"Horticular" by inDirection Games

Let's help keep the momentum going, shall we? You can play the demo and wishlist Horticular on Steam now.

And you can keep up with its development on X. Why not drop inDirection and Robert a follow while you're there?

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