Sharuu's "Flex Riders" merges skating thrills with racing chills using Unity

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Sharuu's "Flex Riders" merges skating thrills with racing chills using Unity
"Flex Riders" by Sharuu

Indie game enthusiasts have been given a sneak peek at "Flex Riders," the latest project from solo developer Sharuu, which blends high-speed car racing with the aerial dynamism of skating using Unity.

While details are still emerging, the most recent gameplay snippet showcases a "wall ride", which is part of a series of inventive mechanics that set Flex Riders apart from conventional racing games.

The concept of Flex Riders offers an adventurous departure from typical sports games, drawing comparisons to unconventional titles like "You Suck at Parking" for its unique take on vehicular maneuverability.

Yet, even with such comparisons, "Flex Riders" stands out with its own brand of whimsy and potential for outlandish fun.

Players are promised the opportunity to execute breathtaking tricks, engage in rail grinding, and even perform rocket jumps, alongside more traditional racing tactics like drifting.

Sharuu has provided updates via social media during the game's development to date, highlighting the title's evolution and promising features such as online multiplayer.

Despite no official release date or window as yet, the game is expected to launch on Steam, a detail prominently featured in Sharuu’s Twitter profile.

The developer's passion for the project is palpable, as evidenced by their decision to leave their job in April to devote full-time efforts to realizing their indie game development dreams:

With its clever mechanics and engaging gameplay, Flex Riders is poised to be a flexible and exciting addition to the indie game scene. You can keep up with the title's progress by following Sharuu on X.

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