Sega is shutting down mobile RPG 404 GAME RE:SET after less than a year

by Danny Craig  · 
Sega is shutting down mobile RPG 404 GAME RE:SET after less than a year

Sega has announced the closure of its mobile title 404 Game Re:set, just nine months after its initial release earlier this year.

The details:

  • In a new post on its official website, the publisher confirms that the game's online services will be shut down on January 5, 2024, at noon JST, less than a year after its April 2023 release. On October 30, players will be unable to buy anything from the in-game store, and Sega plans to release an update on November 30 that will not only allow refunds of in-game currency but will also make parts of the game playable offline. Content will continue to be released as planned.

  • The game was announced in February as a collaboration between Sega and Nier series creator Yoko Taro and is an RPG with gacha elements set in a world controlled by a fictional Sega. Players are tasked with restoring the world to its pre-Sega state with the help of anime girl versions of classic franchises such as OutRun and even non-Sega games such as Dig Dug.

  • It has not been confirmed in detail what triggered the shutdown; however, Sega has stated that it has found it "difficult to provide a service" to fans, which typically means that the game did not have enough players or generate enough revenue to continue supporting.

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