Sega establishes subsidiary in Singapore

by Adam Fitch  · 
Sega establishes subsidiary in Singapore

Japanese gaming giant Sega has launched a new subsidiary based in Singapore.

The expansion: It's banking on Southeast Asia's future growth.

  • The gaming company announced the decision in a note to investors on October 24.
  • It revealed that the new subsidiary, aptly named Sega Singapore, will perform local market research and marketing to reinforce its position in Southeast Asia.
  • In terms of its corporate structure, the entity has launched with $246K (S$300K) in capital and is, unsurprisingly, wholly owned by Sega.
  • It's a reasonable expectation that Sega will be hiring to flesh out the new company. If so, the roles will be available on Hitmarker.

The reasoning: Video game unit sales are down, can better local marketing change that?

  • Sega aims to deliver Japanese content, including its own IP, to more people globally and regional marketing is evidently part of that plan.
  • The gaming company revealed that -- although its net sales grew -- its video game unit sales had dropped, as per its latest financial report. In theory, a better understanding of regional markets could provide a greater return with more relevant marketing efforts.
  • It believes that the region will "grow significantly" in the future considering it has already "achieved remarkable economic growth" due to its location and governmental policies.
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