"ROY!": Steelkrill Studio has unveiled the innovative "Rotten Flesh" and it looks terrifying

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"ROY!": Steelkrill Studio has unveiled the innovative "Rotten Flesh" and it looks terrifying
"Rotten Flesh" by Steelkrill Studio

Steelkrill Studio, renowned for its popular horror games such as The Backrooms 1998, Trenches, and The Voidness, has announced a new title to add to its chilling portfolio.

Titled "Rotten Flesh", this game follows an immersive cosmic horror survival theme and features the distinct creepy PSX-style graphics and gameplay that Steelkrill Studio is known for.

Players can experience the horrifying journey in search of their lost dog Roy, venturing deep into the eerie sewers.

"Rotten Flesh" by Steelkrill Studio

The unique gameplay mechanic of Rotten Flesh involves the player calling out for their lost dog Roy by actually shouting "ROY!" into their microphone.

This triggers Roy to bark in response if he is nearby, but players must be warned - Roy is not the only entity lurking in the dark tunnels of the sewers that can respond to their calls.

For those who prefer not to use a microphone, the game offers an alternative voice-acting mode where players can push a button to call for Roy. However, the immersive experience is enhanced when using the microphone input.

In addition to this innovative calling feature, players will find themselves solving intricate puzzles, sneaking past formidable enemies, and managing a crucial inventory of supplies, upgrades, and health packs needed to survive the menacing depths of the sewer.

While a release date for Rotten Flesh has not been announced yet, players can show their anticipation and support by wishlisting the game on Steam.

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