Rockstar veterans have joined Dan Houser's studio, Absurd Ventures

by Danny Craig  · 
Rockstar veterans have joined Dan Houser's studio, Absurd Ventures
Absurd Ventures

After Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser announced his new company, Absurd Ventures, earlier this year, long-time co-workers Lazlow Jones and Michael Unsworth have jumped ship to the studio.

The details:

  • Houser left Rockstar in 2020 after co-founding the company in 1998 to launch Absurd, a new media company announced in June. The CEO confirmed that the company would be developing "new IP across all platforms and formats," with the company's website possibly providing fans with early hints about the project.

  • As spotted by French publication BeGeek, it appears that Houser is not the only former major Rockstar employee at the company. Jones and Unsworth joined Absurd in June and October, respectively.

  • Jones previously worked in Rockstar's production department, where he was in charge of in-game audio and video content like radio shows. He also played a fictionalized version of himself in most of the 3D and HD-era Grand Theft Auto games.

  • Unsworth left Rockstar over the summer after 16 years and had served as a writer on nearly all of the company's major titles since, being one of only three people with writing credits on both Red Dead Redemption games alongside Houser.

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