Retro FPS developer Samurai Punk is shutting down

by Danny Craig  · 
Retro FPS developer Samurai Punk is shutting down
Samurai Punk

Samurai Punk, the developer behind Screencheat and Killbug, has announced its closure after nearly a decade of operations.

The details:

  • Winston Tang and Nicholas McDonnell, the directors of the Australian studio, announced the closure in a new company update, just under 10 years after it was founded in 2014. The update does not explain the closure, but it joins the many other companies in the industry that have been impacted by the current economy.

  • Since its inception, Samurai Punk has released nine titles, beginning with Screencheat, a split-screen shooter that encouraged "screen peeking" by making opponents invisible on the player's screen and became popular among online content creators. Killbug, the studio's most recent game, was released in May and received rave reviews for its fast-paced shooter gameplay that included fluid movement mechanics.

  • Four of the company's developers are now looking for new jobs in the industry, with Samurai Punk providing their contact information to those who are interested in hiring, but the studio will continue to operate in "support mode," which likely means its titles will remain available with their online functionality intact.

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