Real-Time Rotor Wash VFX Made with Niagara Fluids in Unreal Engine 5

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Real-Time Rotor Wash VFX Made with Niagara Fluids in Unreal Engine 5
Jesse Pitela

VFX artist Jesse Pitela, known for his expertise in creating stunning visual effects with tools like Niagara, EmberGen, tyFlow, Phoenix, and Autodesk, recently treated the online community to a mesmerizing display of their skills. In their latest Tweet, Jesse shared a rotor wash effect crafted using Niagara Fluids, offering a real-time viewport capture in Unreal Engine 5.3.

Jesse recently released a completely free Niagara Fluids VFX Course, offering a treasure trove of knowledge to aspiring artists. This course provides 12 comprehensive lessons and includes four complete FX setups, ranging from cryogenic smoke to force field simulations.

This course is designed to be followed in a sequential order, systematically introducing progressively advanced concepts, settings, and techniques in each successive video tutorial. Beginning with fundamental basics, it gradually builds your skills through engaging project-based lessons. By the end of the course, you'll have completed FX projects that you can instantly incorporate into your Unreal Engine projects, showcase on platforms like Artstation, or enhance your professional portfolio reel.

View the course here.

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