Ransomware group claims that it has breached “all” Sony systems and will sell its data

by Danny Craig  · 
Ransomware group claims that it has breached “all” Sony systems and will sell its data

Ransomed.vc, a new ransomware group, claims to have breached Sony's internal databases and is now threatening to sell all data recovered after Sony allegedly failed to pay the ransom.

The details:

  • As reported by Cyber Security Connect, the relatively new ransomware group is said to have “racked up an impressive amount of victims" in just a month on the scene, and it has now claimed that Sony is one of its victims. “We have successfully compromissed [sic] all of sony systems,” Ransomed.vc claimed. “We won’t ransom them! We will sell the data. Due to Sony not wanting to pay. DATA IS FOR SALE.”
  • The group also allegedly posted some "proof of hack data," which Cyber Security Connect describes as “not particularly compelling information on the face of things.” The evidence includes screenshots of an internal log-in page, a testbench PowerPoint presentation, several Java files, and a file tree with just under 6,000 files, which is rather small for "all" of Sony.
  • A "post date" of September 28 was also provided, which is thought to be the date on which the group will wholesale publish the data if no one steps forward to purchase the files before then. It's unclear whether the files contain any identifiable personal information, but given that the group claims to have breached "all Sony systems," it's possible that Sony will issue a statement soon to calm any nerves after its massive PlayStation Network hack in 2011 has lingered in the minds of fans.
  • Ransomed.vc is said to be a ransomware operator as well as a ransomware-as-a-service organization, with many members based in Ukraine and Russia, that uses GDPR and other data privacy laws to exploit its victims. “I heard you do not wanna pay me?” the group asked one of its victims on a Telegram channel. “Well then lets (sic) start with leaking a few customers to the public. I wonder what the GDPR agency will think about our relationship?”

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